What is a Membership Site

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What is a Membership Site?

What is a Membership Site?

What is a Membership Site? People who run online businesses will attest to the fact that a
membership site is one of the best ways to do so. It is the best way to form an online business. In case you're wondering why you have to manage another site, then a membership site is here to change your mind.

A membership site can be defined as a gated part of your online business. This is in the sense that only members who subscribe can access the content you have placed behind the gates. A gate is a barrier that you build into your website using a plugin. Once the barrier is in place, members will log in and access exclusive content, your special offers and become part of a community of other members. In addition, through a membership site, the members can interact directly with you. A membership site can be paid, free or a mix of both.

Talking about content, this refers to digital products like e-books, webinars, online course, podcasts and other digital products which are not physical or would require shipping. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a business that offers physical goods cannot expand to the digital products side. For example, a photographer who owns a studio and camera store could offer digital webinars on topics like how to shoot at night.

There are many membership sites available. And once you build it, guys will come.

How to get members
First things first, you must find a niche in your industry where you are offering something specialized enough that customers would be willing to pay for content and services. Creating a niche will demystify you from other people in your industry and people will be ready to part with some money to get the resources that you are offering them.

You should also consider the length of the memberships you offer. Are you able to provide premium content on a weekly or monthly basis or will your content be limited? Members are more willing to pay for content that is repeated, recycled or easily accessible by a simple web search.

These three things are particularly important as you launch your site: Show you are an expert Show that you are passionate about what you are doing Show that you want to share what you are doing

A definite sure way to build a membership base is to offer free content on your site. Start with free content to help you build a solid customer and membership base with those experiencing your content firsthand and who will be more open to pay for premium content in the long run. When you have built your base, it will be easier to sell memberships to those who already want to learn from you.

Always ensure that you are a trusted, credible source with plenty of information. Your content could include e-books, e-courses, webinars, podcasts, virtual conferences and evaluations.

You now have a pretty good idea on what a membership site is and how to start it. A membership site will be of great help to you.

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